Follow the Leader: Summer Camp at T Bar M

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The age-old game of “follow the leader” has proven to be highly effective when moving a group of kids from one spot to another.

It is more fun to walk down the school hallway if you get to do silly things. The journey ahead doesn’t seem so long if you are following the person just a few steps in front of you. It is less stressful to trust someone who has already gone ahead of you.

Following the leader reaches far past childhood playgrounds… We find ourselves stepping in line as we continue to move from point A to point B in life, even as adults.

Kids look for someone to follow. It is important we show them where to look for a trustworthy person a few steps ahead of them in life. And a fun person sure is a bonus! Camps have these in ABUNDANCE.

At T Bar M, we give everyone who walks through our gates amazing leaders to follow—whether it is simply following their Coach to the next activity or dining hall or following the character and example they see in this person while at Camp.

The staff members that lead our kiddos are in the same “Follow the Leader” line. They are being led by trustworthy, fun folks who are just a step of them. Therefore, they are equipped to lead our campers in the same way.

First time staff Kayleigh stepped into line this past summer. She describes herself: “At first glance, I do not look like a camp counselor. During the school year, I am the debate team president and English enthusiast, bedecked in thick-framed glasses and a backpack that injures people in the hall if I turn too fast.”

She didn’t know how quickly she would step into the line, until she met someone who was a step in front of her. “Enter Lois, my mentor and fellow nerd. Once a week, amid the craziness of camp life, we would sit down over a quick lunch, tune out the howling of the birthday song, and we would really talk.” Lois led Kayleigh through the daily details of camp and the vast vision of life.

And Kayleigh saw that she was doing the same for her campers. “At lunch one day, [Lois] prayed for my heart and told me how God saw me, and what success was to him. When she was done, I wiped my nose and eyes and asked, ‘Why?’ Then we looked at the kids in the dining hall together, and I understood the value of impacting these children.”

At T Bar M, we don’t take for granted the front row view we have to the best version of “follow the leader.” We see our veterans leading our new staff, our staff leading our campers, and our campers leading each other. And in the blink of an eye, we see our campers back as staff, continuing to keep us all in step as we follow the leader.

Summer is three months of shaping our kids into the adults we desire them to be. And while those three months are a bit more fun, relaxed, and sun-baked than the rest of the year, let’s make summer matter for our kids. How you spend your summer is important. Make camp a priority today! Visit today!

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