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We have partnered with The Bra Chick to bring you this story of successful bra shopping from our contributor, Inga.

Why do I shop for bras at The Bra Chick? Because even though I am wearing my bras under my clothes, the feeling of support helps me feel great throughout the day. To get that feeling every day, I buy good, quality bras, have them professionally fitted, and replace them when they wear out. Lisa Curbello and her team at The Bra Chick have a deep inventory of bras and the know-how to fit them to your body. As they like to say, “We’ve Got Your Tatas Covered!”

Bra Chick San Antonio store | Alamo City Moms Blog

I am a repeat customer at The Bra Chick, and I knew it was time to make an appointment when my old bras just didn’t feel as supportive as they used to. Even with careful washing and drip-drying, bras don’t last forever. On my old bras, the straps and bands didn’t have as much zing as they used to. If you catch yourself hunching over in a chest-protective way, that’s a sign that your old bras are not doing the job any more. 

Bras in stock at the Bra Chick San Antonio store | Alamo City Moms Blog

Usually I call ahead to make an appointment for a fitting. The Bra Chick staff can see walk-ins, but I like to know they are expecting me. Lisa remembered what I had bought last time: everyday t-shirt bras in nude. I wear a lot of white cotton blouses, and t-shirt bras with minimal lace and a thin foam lining are the least visible under my clothes.

Dressing room at the Bra Chick store in San Antonio | Alamo City Moms Blog

In the dressing room, I took off my blouse and Lisa observed me wearing my old bra. She has experience looking at different points on how the bra fits on the client’s body. The dressing room is a cute, discreet place, and a no-judgment zone. Whatever your body shape, you deserve to have bras that support you and help you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Then, Lisa dove into her inventory. She travels regularly to New York to check out new styles manufacturers are offering. I was amazed that she had not just one or two, but many different examples of nude t-shirt bras in my size. She brought my size and a few more that were slightly different—one size larger or smaller in band size or cup size. Depending on the manufacturer or style, I might wear a larger cup size or smaller band size; Lisa knows the formula in her head.

Inside the Bra Chick store in Boerne, Texas | Alamo City Moms Blog

In the dressing room, I tried on each bra. You know the trick where you bend over and let your boobs settle into each cup? It’s a great way to get a bra to sit in just the right place. Lisa’s fast fingers adjusted the strap length and checked the band size. Once I narrowed it down to a few favorites, I tried on my blouse to make sure the bras were invisible. I also jumped up and down a few times to make sure the bras would be comfortable while I was playing with my kids or going for a walk. (Lisa also has a good selection of sports bras, including some heavy-duty underwire ones.)

T-shirt bras at the Bra Chick San Antonio store | Alamo City Moms Blog

I like to buy multiple bras in the same style so I can keep clean bras readily available. (The struggle is real, right?) I bought the bras that Lisa had on hand, and she placed an order for additional bras in the same style. Within a week or two, she had them in stock and I went to her store to pick them up.

So far, all of my bra fitting appointments at The Bra Chick have been at their store in Boerne. The good news is that their San Antonio store is now open at The Alley on Bitters. From now on, I will be able to shop for bras more often—so tempting! Beyond the t-shirt bras in nude, The Bra Chick carries bras in black, white, and a rainbow of colors. They also have maternity and nursing bras (featured at Bloom), panties, shapewear, and sleepwear.

Panties at the Bra Chick San Antonio store | Alamo City Moms Blog

The feeling of wearing a well-fitting bra gives me a sense of confidence, whether I am running and jumping on the playground with my kids or wearing a crisp white blouse to a business meeting. I encourage you to visit The Bra Chick, too—in Boerne or San Antonio—and get fitted for new bras that fit you just right.

Lisa Curbello at the Bra Chick in Boerne with Alamo City Moms Blog contributor | Alamo City Moms Blog

Alamo City Moms Blog contributor Inga Cotton copying a mannequin at the Bra Chick store in San Antonio | Alamo City Moms Blog

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