Yeehaw, Y’all! Our Tejas Rodeo Team and Family Night

San Antonio is home to many hidden gems and secret treasures that those in the know, just know. You’re about to be a little more in the know, friends. Let us tell you about Tejas Rodeo

Just up 281 North in Bulverde, not farther than a family with young ones can drive without the whining kicking in, is our very own, almost year-round (March to November), hometown proud and locally grown rodeo. A true, small-town-feel, get-in-on-the-action, none-of-the-crazy-pomp-and-circumstance, authentic-western-heritage, good ol’ rodeo. The ACMB team was invited out with our families to experience an evening on the grounds, and we couldn’t have asked for anything better. There is enough to keep the kiddos busy without being overwhelming, and it’s the kind of place where you can say “yes” to kids who ask to play around the corner while you finish up dinner or beg for one more pony ride—and if you can keep your eyes open, say “yes” to missing bedtime in favor of the live music and dancing that follows the rodeo. Our families enjoyed it so much—and pleasing a large crowd with kids ranging from babies to teens is no easy feat. If you haven’t been, add it to your summer bucket list and make amazing memories with your family! It’s an affordable, genuine, and action-packed night perfect for the fam.

Here’s what the team has to say: 

I have a lot of fond memories of watching the rodeo when it came to town, and I can’t believe I didn’t realize that I could have that very same experience any ol’ weekend, right here in SA. It’s a special type of family bonding when there is something that everyone at any age can appreciate and enjoy together. Mia would have waited in line all night to ride the pony over and over again, and before we left she changed her dream career to ‘cowgirl.’ We will be going back soon! —Anna

We’ve been coming to Tejas Rodeo since my nine-year-old was three, and it is still one of her favorite places to visit. With two kids almost eight years apart, it’s sometimes difficult for us to find activities that everyone can enjoy equally. That’s one of the things I love most about Tejas: it’s fun for literally all ages. The BBQ is delish, and the action-packed rodeo keeps everyone entertained—from grandmas to toddlers. My girls love to try their hand at the mechanical bull and bust a few moves on the dance floor while my husband & I enjoy a margarita. If you haven’t made it over to Tejas Rodeo yet, you’re missing out on what I think is one of San Antonio’s best-kept secrets for a night of family fun. —Taylor

This was our first time visiting Tejas Rodeo, but both my husband and I grew up attending rodeos in the Rocky Mountains; it was so fun to share the excitement of it all with our two kids! The folks at Tejas did such a great job and made us all feel so welcome. Jumping into the arena to catch ribbons from the calves’ tails is a fun family memory my kids will be talking about for a long time—we will definitely be back! —Molly

We had an absolute blast! The kids are already asking when we can go back. I loved how family-friendly, educational, and entertaining the entire rodeo setup was at Tejas. You come for the fun, food, and family time, and you leave with a greater respect for the animals, cowboys, and cowgirls. And hello, this is all taking place practically in our backyard. Lucky us! We loved it! —Erin

We had such a great time at Tejas Rodeo. My son got to take part in a Texas right of passage and fell off a sheep while mutton bustin’. The pure joy in my daughter’s eyes as she watched the cowboys and cowgirls ride took me back to a childhood riding horses. I love that this fantastic family experience is so close that we could go every weekend. —Shanti

This was the perfect way for our kids to experience all the fun and excitement of a rodeo. We really loved the small venue and the fact that all the action was up close—no binoculars or big screens needed! We’re already planning to return soon for a family fun night with neighborhood friends. —Jennelle

I have been to lots of rodeos all over Texas. Tejas is great for people who are new to rodeo or just enjoy it on a small scale. The big San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo can seem a little overwhelming to navigate. Tejas does a great job of explaining events as they happen, and they limit entries to a pretty small number of contestants, so it moves quickly. It is such a cute space for pictures, too! —Katie

My family enjoyed our second trip to Tejas Rodeo. It’s perfect for all ages. While my five-year-old twins were very entertained with pony rides, the mechanical bull, and watching the riders, the calf scramble was their favorite. I felt completely comfortable letting my middle-schoolers wander independently. Add a cold margarita (or two), and it’s a great place for family fun. —Lisa

We love Tejas Rodeo! We find it the best spot to take out-of-town guests to get a taste of a real live rodeo. My kids loved playing on the grounds, riding the pony, and watching the rodeo events. We all enjoyed our night out! —Tori

We loved Tejas Rodeo! This was our first trip, and everything was amazing. The rodeo, food, and entertainment were excellent, but the thing that will stick with me is my daughter’s delight. From the calf scramble to the mechanical bull to just being silly, the moments will last a lifetime. —Hazel

Tejas Rodeo was so much fun! It was a great family night out that was equally fun for our toddler and our big kid. Our son loved the mechanical bull, and our daughter is now fully convinced she is a cowgirl that needs a pony! —Lindsay

A great place to take out-of-towners, enjoy a family date night, plan an office party, corporate event, or even a birthday party, Tejas Rodeo is such a great option for San Antonio—a true gem right in our backyard! They also have a steakhouse on property and overnight accommodations, and be sure to sign your kids up for Mutton Bustin‘! 

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