Post Cereal: Fueling for the Soccer Field and Beyond

City Moms Blog Network is excited to partner with Post Cereals, the official sponsor of Major League Soccer. This is a sponsored post.

I never thought of cereal as anything but a breakfast food until I went to college. I’m not sure why it surprised my then 19-year-old self to see people eating cereal outside of breakfast hours, but it didn’t take long until I realized its brilliance. Cereal and milk are a great combination of sustaining carbohydrates, nourishing whole grains, and satisfying crunch. I quickly became a “cereal is an anytime meal” convert and appreciated its staying power and budget-friendly perks.  

Fast forward about 20 years and I now find myself pulling out a box of cereal at all times of day for both myself and my kids. Some of our favorites are Grape-Nuts® and Honey Bunches of Oats®. My kids first discovered Grape-Nuts at their beloved great-grandfather’s house. He started every morning with a bowl of Grape-Nuts and coffee, and my kids loved our annual visits to his home and sharing a bowl with their dear Papa. He passed away four years ago, and my kids still associate the crunchy, nutty cereal with loving memories of a wonderful man.  

Outside of breakfast hours, Post Cereal can shine as a perfect snack for kids’ activities. We spent a few years as a soccer family and loved how cereal doubled as both a solid breakfast before a game and a kid-pleasing snack for soccer practice. Game mornings tended to be rushed, and I loved that a bowl of cereal provided wholesome sustenance in a one-dish meal. Paired with a banana, it was the perfect fuel to keep my little soccer players full of energy and pep. During weekday practices, I kept single portions of Post Cereal in my bag for the inevitable “Mom, I’m hungry” proclamation. The combination of crunch and subtle sweetness was just what my kids needed to satisfy their post-practice munchies. 

Soccer fans of all ages will be happy to learn that Post Cereal is the official cereal of Major League Soccer! Major League Soccer fans and grocery store shoppers alike will be able to get into the game in a big way this summer by collecting limited edition MLS +Post Cereal boxes with collectible MLS player trading card cutouts.

Even now that they’ve moved on from soccer, my kids still love a bowl of Post Cereal for breakfast, as after-school snack, and—let’s be honest—as an occasional dinner when cooking isn’t an option. They still bring baggies of cereal in their backpacks for their school snack. I take pride in knowing they won’t be as wide-eyed as their mom when they get to the dorm someday and see cereal being eaten outside of breakfast hours. 

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