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Don’t Forget Santa’s Other Helpers!

It’s that time of year when we have a love-hate relationship with shopping… Christmas. I love the sparkle of tinsel and ornaments in stores, the music of the season playing, the overwhelming scent of cinnamon brooms burning my nostrils, the sweat on my back from wearing many layers to survive the strange weather in San […]

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I flip through these pages at night while everyone sleeps...

Traditionally Untraditional

It’s beginning to look a lot like the time of year when I wish my house looked like something out of Southern Living or Martha Stewart’s Holiday Spectacular. And yet…in the midst of all the gleam and sparkle, under the ribbons and tinsel, there are Legos. And stickers. And old Cheerios. The occasional acorn. My […]

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embracing the f-word

Embracing the F-word

A fun fact I learned as a big fan of the Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast, “feminism” was coined by a man. A dude. A dudely philosopher, Charles Fourier, who observed how poorly women were valued in the 19th century. Not that he did anything other than make the observation . . . . […]

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40 thoughts

40 thoughts as I turn 40

Looking back, I can’t think of what I remember when my parents turned 40. I know it happened, but so many other things were happening at the same time, that it was likely a non-event. Forty seemed unreachable—parents on television and in movies didn’t really address their ages—and I was likely too busy watching Knight […]

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