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The Ritual of Homecoming and the Sacred Mum

“The Ritual of Homecoming and the Sacred Mum” is an integral chapter in The Handbook of Texas Traditions. (Other chapters include “Why Your In-N-Out Argument is Invalid,” “I Told You the Lord Hates Bare Legs; Go Back Inside and Find Your Pantyhose,” and “Actually, Man Can Live on Dr. Pepper and Breakfast Tacos Alone.”) Like […]

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Soft Surroundings: My Magical Wonderland

Shhh. Lean in closely. I need to tell you a secret. I’m two seconds from turning 39, and I’m already digging the mature lady stores. My personal favorite? Soft Surroundings. The crisp creases in tailored pants, embellished tunics, $90 nightgowns, washable jersey dresses with thick elastic waist leggings, statement necklaces—all of it. It is speaking […]

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my secret internet and tv

My Secret TV and Internet Habits

It’s no secret in my house that I am the one who watches the most annoying things on TV and looks up the worst stuff on the Internet. Are you like me? Do you like the things I like? (Ahem, Kardashians, CookieSwirlC, sharks, Pickle and Peanut, stuff about pyramids, and Bar Rescue.) Or, are you […]

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Passover Seders and Activities in San Antonio

Passover Seders and Activities in San Antonio

Pesach is almost here! For a listing of Passover seders and activities happening around San Antonio, read below: This list was compiled from the following local sources: The Jewish Federation of San Antonio, Barshop Jewish Community Center of San Antonio, Chabad Center for Jewish Life & Learning, PJ Library San Antonio, Congregation Agudas Achim, Congregation Rodfei […]

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growing up in politics

When Your Father Is An Elected Official

It’s a huge election year. Candidates in local, state, and national races are freaking out. There’s a lot on the line. Voters are angrier and crazier than ever. But you know who I can’t stop thinking about? The children of all those candidates—all those poor, innocent children who are suffering through filming commercials, shooting family […]

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movies for kids and teens

19 Classic Movies for Kids and Teens

Have you started your children along the path to success by ensuring they’re exposed to a healthy dose of classic movies? You haven’t? Well, get on it sister! Mr. Rogers is known for his research in this area, stating that “97% of building relationships is tossing movie quotes back and forth and 3% is sweaters […]

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Features no fewer than 5 Jackopierce songs.

College Kids Have it Easy These Days…or Do They?

I just got back from my 15-year college reunion, and for real, I aged about 50 years in a weekend. You know how our grandparents lived through the inventions of antibiotics, television, bikinis, and computers? And how all that begat the most eye roll-inducing parenting phrase of all time: “You kids have it easy these […]

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Stop the Parenting Parody Videos, Please!

Please. I beg you. If you are recording a parenting parody video, just stop it right now. When you’re rapping and dancing, it’s like watching 1,000 65-year-old dads simultaneously doing the sprinkler to “Brickhouse.” I have zero sense of humor about this. Jokes about yoga pants, Starbucks, wine, and Target ceased to be funny about 15,000 Someecards ago. Meghan Trainor has a […]

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Parenting Then and Now

Parenting Then and Now: Your “Alarming” Childhood

Parenting has changed a little bit since we were children. Here are 17 pictures that prove how different things were back in the good ol’ days! 1. THEN: Licking a beer can with your father. NOW: Your father should go to jail. 2. THEN: Eating Doritos. Touching Doritos. Or, placing toys in an empty Doritos bag. NOW: Your […]

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