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britax car seat

Precious Cargo: Re-designing Safety with Britax Car Seats

Alamo City Moms Blog is excited to partner with Britax to bring you information about the newest technologies in car seat safety, including the re-designed Britax Advocate and the brand-new Anti-Rebound Bar.  A few of our team members, as well as local bloggers, attended a luncheon sponsored by Britax, The Bread Box San Antonio, and Baked Goodness [...]
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Menstruation: A Period Piece

“That time of the month,” “Aunt Flo is visiting,” “On the rag,” “Riding the crimson wave”—everyone knows what I’m talking about, and yet there remains a bit of a taboo when it comes to the topic of menstruation. After taking an admittedly blissful 20-month hiatus, due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, I found myself having to […]

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The much-anticipated book arrives!

The Rabbit Who Wanted to Go To Sleep: Does it Work?

As the last days of summer simmered behind us and the carefree days of a flexible bedtime faded, I had to start considering my options for making bedtime a reasonable affair. Don’t get me wrong—we’re pretty lucky in the sleep department. We’ve finally, and just recently, reached a stage where both kids are asleep at […]

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We were all feeling the pain after the Spurs lost.

Big Girls Don’t Cry

I’m standing in the parking lot outside a beautiful day school that is walking distance from my desk at my new job, when I burst into tears. My poor husband stands there, flabbergasted, in 100-degree heat. He just wanted to come see my new office and check out the amenities. I’m realizing that to fully […]

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tree cruch car

A Flood of Feelings

The eye of the storm was clearly over our home last week. We could count the distance of the storm “one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, four…” miles away. Rain made muddy puddles in our backyard, but there was no water approaching our threshold. Our tallest palm tree (over 20 feet) suffered the loss of its […]

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So, You Married Your High School Sweetheart?

It’s a common question asked of couples: So, how did you meet? I suppose our answer—”we dated in high school”—isn’t as common as one would think. According to one online survey, our circumstance describes no more than 14% of people who “met at school.” Moreover, this particular report indicates that people who marry their high […]

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Pretty in Pink: How children’s clothes and toys engendered stereotypes and why it matters!

“I want to be a princess when I grow up!” exclaims my three-year-old daughter, “O.” Those few little words cause my heart to sink as I feel a collective SMH from my post-feminist peers. Where did I go wrong?! We have a plethora of gender-neutral toys, we consistently compliment strength of character and respectful manners […]

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