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Youth Basketball: Things Parents Need To Know

Is there anything cuter than a three-year-old running full-speed down a basketball court toward the opposing team’s basket? When, with her tongue out and face sprinkled with sweat, she shoots and scores two points for the other team? Parents, like sardines packed against a cold concrete gymnasium wall holding tumblers filled with coffee (or something), begin to […]

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Summer g2

Chores Killed My Kids’ Summer

We had kids to increase our household workforce. So you can imagine our unbridled joy when the doctor showed us the ultrasound showing two beating hearts. “Boys,” said our OB. The look on my husband’s face said it all. He was not thinking of football games or teaching his young sons about his love for […]

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My Secret Anxiety

One in forty Americans adults are affected by anxiety. Women are twice as likely as men to suffer from it. I do. Actress Kristen Bell does. And so do countless other moms, including several women here on our Alamo City Moms Blog team. As moms, we read stories to our children about being afraid. Afraid […]

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When your Kids

When Your Kids Want to Join Social Media

I am a card-carrying member of the Meanest Mom in the World club. I had the honor of being inducted into this prestigious group when my twin sons were in the 5th grade. To what did I owe such recognition? My sons didn’t have a phone. Well, to be fair—and to tell it in their […]

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Dear David 2

A Letter to David

When I set out to capture and produce ACMB Presents: Reality Bytes On BULLYING, a video piece in which mothers open up a dialogue on bullying in the wake of David Molak’s untimely death, I expected to be touched, enlightened, and empowered to act. After all, David could be your son. He could be mine. […]

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Year In REview

Alamo City Moms Blog 2015: A Year in Review

With 30 female contributors who love little more than writing, talking, and sounding off about everything from nursing and milk supply to how to talk to your kids about sex to the best of everything “family” in San Antonio, ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at Alamo City Moms Blog? I did To […]

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football mom

You Might Be A Football Mom…

Nothing says fall more than six sweaty, muddy, pre-pubescent boys—who clearly lack deodorant—climbing into your minivan for the carpool ride home from football practice. If you buy Febreeze car vent clips by the dozen, you might be a football mom. If you own more water jugs than glasses, you might be a football mom. If […]

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