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I Thought I'd Have More Time

I Thought I’d Have More Time

I thought I’d have more time. There have only been a few instances in my life when I’ve had that thought. Once was when my father died. He had been given three months and somehow made it to a year, and I still found myself thinking, I thought I’d have more time. Now I find myself […]

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Texas Home

Welcome to Texas: A Quick-Start Guide for Non-Native Texans

So, you’ve decided to move to Texas and become a Texas transplant. Me too! That’s right: I’m not from Texas, but according to Lyle Lovett, Texas wants me anyway. And I hope so, because here I am. And, as it turns out, I love it here. There are a lot of guides extolling the culture […]

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The Healing Art of Facebook

My relationship with Facebook is a complicated one. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a social media user, except that I am. Well, Facebook at least. I activated my account when I had my first daughter. There was a lot of time spent sitting in a chair trying to figure out the whole nursing thing, […]

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Me and C.T.  BFFs!!!

An Open Love Note to my Car

Dear Chocolate Thunder, As you know, life around here is pretty busy these days. I feel like every time we load you up it’s a stressful whirlwind of missing shoes and forgotten sippy cups and grouchy demands for snacks (mostly from me). Our time together recently may not seem “quality” in the traditional sense—no long […]

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