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An Aisle Full of Compassion

Paper plates. Wrapping paper. Plastic forks. Tissue paper. A mama’s to-do list seems endless at times, and my most recent assignment to the nearest Dollar Tree was no different. Except for the fact that I was running this errand solo and was in “mom mission” mode, known as the time I can accomplish 37 incomplete […]

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An Ode to a Texas Autumn

The other night, I dreamed of fairies, kings, and faraway lands. Perhaps it was the bedtime story, fresh in my mind from my family’s nighttime ritual, or maybe it was my heart’s longing for a fairy godmother of my own. A fairy godmother who would sprinkle apples, pumpkins, leaves of golds and reds, and pots […]

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The Day I Threw My Fitbit Away

Get a Fitbit, they said. You will love it, they said. I can’t believe how it made me more active, they said. I can’t imagine my life before one, he said. Well, let me tell you what I say about it all: lies. The day I regained my freedom and let go of the restrictions […]

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Tides of Motherhood

The Tides of Motherhood

“Never turn your back on the ocean.” It’s a phrase my dad uttered every summer as we raced towards the Maryland shores that we waited eight long hours in the car to visit. While those words still ring in my head today (and even leave my lips every now and then), I find it fitting […]

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