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Don't forget our requirements for the bake sale.

Eight Types of Parents in Elementary School

My youngest daughter is more than halfway done with Kindergarten now (how did that happen?!), which means that I’ve been through my share of school events. Combine that with the fact that I was an elementary school teacher who came from a long line of elementary school teachers, and I consider myself an expert on […]

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Skipping Preschool: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Before children (B.C.), I was a teacher. I taught a Head Start preschool program for four-year-olds and loved it. I espoused the virtues of preschool—long-term benefits include everything from better marriages to higher salaries—to anyone who would listen. So when my oldest daughter turned three, I assumed we’d be signing her up at the local […]

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italian food in san antonio slider

Better than Olive Garden: A Guide to Finding Italian Food in San Antonio

It's been nine years since my husband and I moved to San Antonio. In that time, we've sampled tacos al pastor from La Gloria, enjoyed brisket from Rudy's, and drank our fair share of aguas frescas. But in these nine years, we've struggled to find the Italian food we missed while living on the East [...]
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golden age

The Golden Age of Parenting

I potty-trained my youngest daughter three years ago. She’s five now, but she’s still in love with Mommy enough to hold my hand in HEB or give me unprompted hugs and kisses. I haven’t wiped a butt or spoon-fed a baby in recent memory, but I still get snuggles for bedtime stories and someone tells […]

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flying with kids through the ages

Flying with Kids Through the Ages

One of the (very, very) few benefits of having a traveling spouse is the ability to take advantage of the frequent flier miles that he accrues through the years. My family has done our fair share of flying on those miles. Our first flight was when my oldest was eight weeks old, and since then, […]

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