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I Was Never a Girl Scout

A few hours left of an island vacation, I got one of those text messages that makes your heart beat faster and trumps five days of drinking rum punch. My mom wrote to let my sisters and I know that my dad was at the hospital getting a CT scan. He had slipped on the […]

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Exhaust Notes: Insider Tips to Car Buying

On any given night, if you pressed your ear to the closed door, you might find yourself in shock and awe at the sounds emanating from my bedroom.   You might hear a soft purr gently rising and falling in volume. You’d hear guttural noise build slowly—louder, aggressive, and insistent on being heard. Sometimes described […]

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Will There Be Carbs in Heaven?

If you are under 40 years old, you might avoid reading this post for your own sanity. Those of us who have reached our fifth decade have a few secrets about what happens as you age—and it’s not pleasant. For me, 42 was the magic number. Forty-two, after my twins were born, was the year […]

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If I could have one mommy superpower, it would be the ability to see into the future. If I knew what hills and valleys awaited, perhaps I could better prepare you for them. Perhaps. It’s hubris to think that I have all the answers, that I know any real secrets to smoothing life’s rough edges. […]

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It Happened Again

It happened again yesterday. We woke up to the news of another mass shooting. The sound and sight of people running for their lives was/is almost unbearable. Almost. I say “almost,” because we seem to be bearing these massacres just fine. Yesterday, I readied and packed up my four kids for school. It was a […]

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Dear Harvey

Dear Harvey, You must know this ain’t our first rodeo. You’ve hung the wrong horse thief if you thought you could stop Texas. That dog won’t hunt. Texas always draws the best bull. Storms Rita, Allison, and Carla all made hornets look cuddly. Those three were a couple sandwiches shy of a picnic. But you, […]

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