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My Roaring Twenties-2

My Roaring Twenties

Ten years ago, my 18-year-old self was fresh out of high school and looking at what I wanted to shape my life into over the next few years. I enrolled in a community college and did typical 18-year-old things, which mostly meant that I worked two jobs and stayed up super late working on papers. […]

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How I Handle Outings with Several (Little) Kids

I’m a stay-at-home mom, and the kids and I go absolutely stir-crazy if we can’t get out and adventure during the week. While we have our usual outings, sometimes we look for new things to try. I’ll ask friends for suggestions or even read blog posts on various local places to go with kids, but […]

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Yes, Another One

Moms are no strangers to other people’s comments about their parenting styles. Everyone—especially those without children—knows EXACTLY what you should do with your two-year-old’s tantrums. (If you’re sensing a bit of sarcasm, that was my intent.) It has taken me quite a long time to learn to let the comments evaporate into nothing before they […]

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The “Shoulds” of Motherhood

You know what word we probably use more than we realize? “Should.” Have you ever thought about the implications of the word “should”? It implies some kind of duty. According to the Webster definition, “should” is used to express propriety or obligation. I think it is OK to use in some cases, but in general […]

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The Magic of Mole vs. the Chaos of Kids

Mexican food brings me life and comfort. I love eating it, savoring it, smelling it, and cooking it. It is one of the most complex cuisines as far as flavors and variety go. One of my favorite dishes is mole (pronounced MOH-LEH). Mole is a sauce served over chicken, turkey, or even enchiladas. It is […]

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Season of Broken Toys

The Season of Broken Toys and Super Glue

Whenever I share my grievances concerning motherhood I always get “oh, it’s just a season.” There is the teething season, which seems to last forever. There is the diaper season, which actually does last forever if you have back-to-back-to-back-to-back babies. There is the toddler tantrum season, which comes and goes. We have experienced a crying […]

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Let’s Not Forget Our Friends

Motherhood is an adjustment. It is hard going from a flexible schedule that you can control to one that’s ever-changing, filled with non-negotiable things and wild cards, like nap times and explosive diapers. We are all aware of how hard it can be to balance motherhood and…basically anything else. Friendships are one thing that we […]

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Neither Here Nor There: Ni De Aqui, Ni De Alla

Everything has a culture: a school, a family, a country, a state, a company. Any group of people under a similar identity has a culture that helps unite it. After getting married, my husband and I began building our family culture, whether it was intentional or not. We both felt strongly about some things and […]

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Rest Easy—We’re All Un-qualified

I think it is fair to say that most of us have no idea what we are doing when we first become parents. Or ever, really. I feel like I’m winging it all the time; that just became more obvious to me when I had kids. I realized that I kept consulting my childhood for […]

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United in Laughter

United in Laughter

We all have those days as moms where every possible thing seems to go wrong. Kids also have that amazing ability of helping us crash-land right back in our place when we get too confident in our abilities. Those moments are dirt-covered gems, really dirty and unrecognizable gems that make us humble and relatable. I […]

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letter to first born

To My Firstborn: Thank You

My oldest turns five in a few short days. Normally I am the calm and composed one. I don’t cry at sentimental things that would be perfectly normal for anyone else to shed a tear over, but the thought of my daughter turning five is killing me. What is it about this milestone birthday? Why […]

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