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Me with the best-friend-turned-godmother

The Case for Godparents

Who doesn’t want a fairy godmother? You know, someone who just waves her magic wand and makes sure you are looking exceptionally flawless and have the best. shoes. ever. I remember when I was growing up that I had this secret wish, of all things, to have godparents. Alas, because I grew up in a […]

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Sandy, fully engrossed kids = happy, chatty moms (until it's time to pull them out and clean them off!)

Play Dates are the New Happy Hour

Wine tasting once a month… Cheap margaritas and queso at Chuy’s… Girls’ Nights Out at innovative new restaurants at The Pearl… Yeah, I don’t do those things anymore. Or at least I don’t very often, and you probably don’t either. Why? Because having kids means reshuffling priorities, and almost weekly, I find myself saying no […]

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Mom. Work. Travel.

The crisp white linens of a hotel bed have never looked so delightful to me as the first time I traveled for work eight months after my daughter was born. I was going to SLEEP! In a bed. By myself. Maybe all the way through the night. A heavenly chorus should have burst into spontaneous […]

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Adobe Spark (2)

Seven Quotes to Help You Through Those Mom Struggle Days

We’ve all been there: those days when you lose your keys, someone parks in your parking space, you run late for a meeting, you get your wrist slapped (figuratively) at work, you snap at your spouse, your toddler goes into hysterics over some minutiae, you have a healthy dose of hormone-related emotional turmoil, and then, […]

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girls driving cars

It Takes a Village: When Parenting Styles Collide

It takes a village to raise a child. It’s a statement we’ve all heard plenty of times, sometimes talking about our mom tribes, or the many “aunts” and “uncles” in our children’s lives, or the teachers and coaches and babysitters and friends who help us turn out little bundles of potential into active, contributing members […]

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