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How to Finish the School Year Strong

I hear all you moms groaning about the circus that is May as we reach the end of the school year. No one wants to make school lunches anymore; we are all just throwing in whatever is in the pantry into our kids’ lunchboxes at this point. We are tired of signing daily folders and checking […]

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On My Honor: A Boy Scout Perspective

My husband was never a Boy Scout. I have three brothers, and none of them was a Boy Scout. But somehow I had thoughts of my son joining Cub Scouts when he was in first grade. At six, we had already introduced him to soccer and basketball. I wasn’t sure what would stick, but I […]

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Family Travels Across the Pond

My husband and I have traveled quite a bit with our children since they were born. Planes, subways, and automobiles—we have done it all. I always tell my children that they traveled even while in my belly. My son traveled to Tennessee in such a warm and cozy fashion, and my daughter enjoyed her first […]

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Clean Green: Healthier Cleaning

Raise your hand if you like to clean! What?—no one?! Well, me either. But, unfortunately, it has to be done, and I am the person doing most of the cleaning. Ugh. I am also the leader of the cleaning brigade: my children and husband. As someone who is environmentally conscious, I have been attempting to […]

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Family Destination Picnics

There are so many great parks all over the San Antonio area that picnics come naturally. Those lend themselves to be fun and perhaps spur-of-the-moment at your neighborhood park. But a family destination picnic is when you plan an outing and a picnic to go along with it. Match these two and you can make […]

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Pack Your Bags, Mom!

We all know that traveling with our children can be difficult. I consider myself a somewhat seasoned traveler with children, and the idea still can make me quake. There are many stages of travel, and they all have their own levels of hell. But my advice? Do it anyway!  The newborn stage requires you to pack […]

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