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mom mobile

The Mom-Mobile

Whether or not you have a the ultimate mom-mobile—the mini-van—or some other vehicle, one thing is for sure: after you have children your ride is never the same. Remember having a car that just looked good and drove well and that was enough? Remember blasting music and singing along with your favorite song? Remember when […]

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Freebies to You!

Birthdays are a big deal to kids, so around my house we like to celebrate in a big way. We usually have a fiesta of some sort for the kids on the weekend before or after their birthday. However, that sometimes leaves their actual birthday to pale in comparison. Since I’ve usually invested a small […]

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summer before my teenager

The Summer Before My Teenager Arrives

I think we all have some special summer memories. I certainly have my share of memories of summers as a kid. I remember occasional raspas (snow cones), watermelon with my abuelita, and those summer trips. Of course, there was also the Texas heat and arguments with my siblings. Now, as an adult and mom, my […]

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