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Holiday Hypocrite

When Did I Become a Holiday Hypocrite?

This all started on my birthday, back in August. Every year I ask for the same cake (original-style DQ ice cream cake), and almost every year I don’t get it, and I get little upset (“little” is subjective!). This year my birthday happened to fall on Meet-the-Teacher night, which means that it was well after 8:00 […]

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Evolution of the First Birthday

As a mom of six kids, I’ve had the opportunity to throw a few birthday parties. Over time my methodology has evolved and simplified. This past week, my youngest child turned one, and it made me think back to the differences between when my oldest turned one compared to my youngest. If you are the […]

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Teacher Appreciation Gifts

It’s teacher appreciation week, which means a lot of pressure will be coming your way from your kids, the school and the PTA! Everyone wants to make sure that we show our teachers how much we love them. When my oldest was in kindergarten teacher appreciation was easy. There was only one teacher to appreciate! […]

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Talking About the Easter Bunny

*Spoiler Alert: This post may contain references to various theories about the true identity of the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc… A couple of years ago I was teaching a Sunday School class to a group of six-year olds. It was nowhere near Easter, but one of the girls proudly declared to the rest of […]

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