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Revelations from a Near-Drowning

Mild temperatures on fall days help make San Antonio a wonderful place to live, days with temperatures near 80 degrees in October. Five months ago, we were surrounded by family visiting from out of town, on one such weather-is-mega-cooperating day. Our family rented a house large enough for everyone to stay together, and on this […]

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I used a little olive oil to coat the outside, salt, pepper, and Greek seasoning for my chicken

Two Meals, One Chicken

I am always looking for ways to make our groceries stretch a bit further. Below I share two fairly simple and, ingredient-wise, flexible recipes. Generally, I purchase produce that is in season and/or on sale, so my ingredients vary from one making to the next.  Not only can I warm the house with the oven […]

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Parenthood: Round 2

Like many first-time parents, my husband and I prepared as best we could for this journey of uninformed consent. Birthing classes, breastfeeding classes, and childcare classes, we were ready. Fast-forward three blissfully unpredictable years. We now have two kiddos; Ilana is three years old and baby Miriam is already five months! With Miriam, we didn’t […]

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synergy stuido

Synergy Studio: Nia Class Review

An Introduction to Nia In the most general definition, Nia teaches you to harness the joy of movement. During the hour-long class, an instructor leads you through choreographed dance routines. The routines vary in style, focus, and intensity and the movements are a fusion of Western/Eastern elements of dance, yoga, and martial arts. Each Nia […]

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Making Your Own Baby Food (…it’s easier than you think)

Maybe it’s because Ilana was our first that we I eagerly, like a child around a candle-alighted birthday cake, anticipated ushered in every milestone. According to what I read at that time, solid foods were an option when your child expressed interest in the parents’ food/plate. So of course, the day she knocked (spasm or […]

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The Kleenhanz Products I was given to sample

Kleenhanz {Sponsored Post}

The past month, I have enjoyed reacquainting myself with Kleenhanz towelettes. I actually purchased them back in 2010 when I had Ilana (and at that time bought anything that claimed to safely keep germs off your baby). I am not sure why I quit using them, but this blog post serendipitously reminded me of their […]

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There’s an App for That (and that, and that…)

“I don’t WANT Playdough;” “I don’t WANT breakfast,” my three-year-old asserts, using every cell in her body to stand her ground. The waitress, distracted with other customers, misses our ‘We’re ready to order’ eye contact, and Ilana kneels and curves her body back to ooze under the table, her familiar escape route to run rampant […]

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Date Night is Doable

Before we had kids, Date Night wasn’t a phrase in our couple lingo—hanging out together in the evening happened every evening because it was just…us. Once upon that unscheduled time, we had date nights more frequently, rarely going out simply because it’s ‘been too long’ since we ‘had time to ourselves.’ Evenings out were often […]

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