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Join The ACMB Team: An Open Call for Contributors

Are you interested in becoming an Alamo City Moms Blog Contributor? Do you want to write for Alamo City Moms Blog? We will be adding to our group of regular contributors beginning in August and we’re looking for fresh, local voices to join our team! This is a volunteer position with some fun perks to make […]

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How I Handle Outings with Several (Little) Kids

I’m a stay-at-home mom, and the kids and I go absolutely stir-crazy if we can’t get out and adventure during the week. While we have our usual outings, sometimes we look for new things to try. I’ll ask friends for suggestions or even read blog posts on various local places to go with kids, but […]

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Gaming for Moms 101

Gaming for Moms 101

School is out for the summer, and for teenagers everywhere this means more time to play video games. Yes, I roll my eyes and sigh at this too. But it is a part of teenage life, especially that of teenage boys, so I’m learning to roll with it. Not that I condone hours of video […]

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25 Simple Ways To Go Green

The list of things I can feel guilt about in my own home seems to be never-ending. Is anyone else all aboard the mom guilt train? Something that’s been weighing extra heavy on me, quite literally, is the amount of trash our little family churns out. My news feed is filled with distressing warnings of […]

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one cup two cup

One Cup, Two Cup

Every day is a cup party at my house. I have six children in the summer, and they use, on average, 37 cups a day. Each. It’s like Oprah shows up every morning shouting, “You get a cup! You get a cup! Aaaaaaand you get a cup! Everybody gets a cup! All the cups!” I’m […]

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epic waters indoor waterpark

Our Epic Adventure at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark

Alamo City Moms Blog is excited to partner with Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark to bring you this sponsored post.  It’s hot in Texas, y’all! I’m talking burn-the-bottoms-of-your-feet-if-you-don’t-step-in-the-grass kind of hot. Bake-cookies-on-the-hood-of-your-car kind of hot. Fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk kind of hot. You get the idea. My family loves a good summer adventure, and we are always looking for […]

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