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May All That You Do Be Done In Love

May All That We Do Be Done In Love

I’ve been an ACMB contributor for almost two years now, and I keep on avoiding a topic: race. Honestly I haven’t written about it for all sorts of good reasons. The biggest one being that I’m white. I’m not an expert, plus white women are socialized to not talk about race. It’s not polite. Even though […]

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Seven Annoying Adoption Questions

I adopted my two sons from China. After three plus years of parenting children who “don’t match” me, I’m still surprised by the willingness of strangers to approach me and ask personal questions—rude, nosy questions usually asked with kind intentions, I realize. But answering them in Target, at birthday parties, or anywhere else gets a […]

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Motherhood: More Than Skin Deep, Part Three

As we celebrate the final group of moms who participated in our “Motherhood: More Than Skin Deep” project, we want to applaud and thank the brave women who joined us in this journey. These courageous women bore their bodies and souls to show how prevalent and normal these feelings of transformation are. The common thread that links […]

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My Forever Family {National Adoption Month}

One of the questions I get the most about being adopted is, “When did your parents tell you that you were adopted?” The answer is, I’m so thankful to report, “I’ve always known!” Being adopted was just a part of who I was. I never felt uncomfortable about it because my parents talked about it […]

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