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San Antonio’s Best-Kept Beach Secret

Ok, so technically, it’s not in San Antonio.  It’s just outside of San Antonio.  And technically, it’s not a beach, it’s a lake – but it’s got a great, beachy vibe.  And, ok, maybe it’s not a secret, but it doesn’t seem to get packed, so it sure *feels* like a secret!  So, where the heck […]

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Top Date Night Restaurants in San Antonio

Oh, date night.  How I love thee.  A couple of hours dedicated to a meal where you aren’t up and down out of your seat chasing children, trying to order while wrestling a toddler, or praying that your waiter will bring three extra baskets of bread to hold over your three-year-old until his delicate plate […]

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free printable straw valentine for kids

Free Last Minute Printable Valentines

Even though I’ve been looking forward to it since Christmas and started decorating at the end of January – I feel like Valentine’s Day totally snuck up on me this year. Raise your hand if you feel the same way. See? I’m glad I’m not alone! Here are three printable, easy, and sweet Valentine’s for […]

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Time Out

Just In Time for the Holidays: Time Out Sitters

I was in fifth grade at the height of The Babysitters Club book craze.  My friends and I were so into Ann M. Martin’s series that we adopted individual characters as alter egos.  Our assignment criteria were clumsy: the pretty blonde in our group got to be Stacey McGill.  We gave our Philapina friend Claudia Kishi, on the basis that both were Asian.  […]

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Date Night is Doable

Before we had kids, Date Night wasn’t a phrase in our couple lingo—hanging out together in the evening happened every evening because it was just…us. Once upon that unscheduled time, we had date nights more frequently, rarely going out simply because it’s ‘been too long’ since we ‘had time to ourselves.’ Evenings out were often […]

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Pagoda View

The Japanese Tea Garden, a Midtown Oasis

  The Japanese Tea Garden is one of the best local attractions that you probably aren’t visiting.  It’s located in Brackenridge Park, along Saint Mary’s Street, southwest of the Zoo.  If you have not heard of it, I’m not surprised.  I have a theory as to why many San Antonians–even natives–are not aware of it. But first, […]

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Behind the Scenes at ACMB: Boiler House & Elizabeth Greco Photography

The Alamo City Moms Blog team had the opportunity to get away from their regular routines and were graciously hosted for dinner by Boiler House Texas Grill and Wine Garden.  To give you a little background, Brooke and I started to pursue a contributing team of writers this past May.  We knew that we wanted a […]

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Five Great San Antonio Parks that Don’t Rhyme with “Shmardberger”

Hardberger:  it’s the crown jewel of the San Antonio park system.  So much to do!  Such natural beauty!  If San Antonio were a high school, Hardberger would be the Captain of the Cheerleading Team, Student Council President, and Homecoming Queen all rolled into one.  Well, you know what?  A lot of girls go to this […]

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