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Printable Lunch Box Notes

There are a gazillion and one lunch box note printables out there (don’t believe me? ask Pinterest!), but none that we felt are great for older kiddos. We craved some with a little less mushy-gushy and more fist bump/be nice/you rock messages. In our extended crew, we have a lot of older kids, who still […]

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First Day of School Printable Signs

  Summer is starting to wind down, and back-to-school craziness is about to hit full steam. The first day of school is right around the corner, which means it’s almost time for those obligatory back-to-school photos! Like many of you, I take these photos of my boys every year and love looking back to see […]

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Easy Summer Activity: DIY Story Stones

Maybe because it’s almost primal—the basic figures, the rough outlines, the marking on rocks—but this was one of my favorite camp activities as a child, and every elementary school class I taught enjoyed making and using Story Stones. The most basic of storytelling tools and play things, Story Stones easily facilitate imaginative play, vocabulary development, […]

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25 Simple Ways To Go Green

The list of things I can feel guilt about in my own home seems to be never-ending. Is anyone else all aboard the mom guilt train? Something that’s been weighing extra heavy on me, quite literally, is the amount of trash our little family churns out. My news feed is filled with distressing warnings of […]

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Valentine’s Day Butterfly Craft with Kids

My daughter has inherited my crafty genes and will “do projects” any chance she gets. We have piles of things cut, glued, glittered, and stuck together everywhere. I try to channel this creative energy into projects that are somewhat organized and, more importantly, will leave my house! Valentine’s Day provides a perfect excuse to use […]

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When Dinosaurs Invade Our House

A couple of years ago I saw a post about two parents, Refe & Susan Tuma, who wrote an adorable book about how they convinced their children that dinosaurs take over their home every November and get into all sorts of trouble. They encouraged people to make their own Dinovember and post pictures, and I […]

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green cleaning

Clean Green: Healthier Cleaning

Raise your hand if you like to clean! What?—no one?! Well, me either. But, unfortunately, it has to be done, and I am the person doing most of the cleaning. Ugh. I am also the leader of the cleaning brigade: my children and husband. As someone who is environmentally conscious, I have been attempting to […]

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Free Summer Coloring Page

  Here we are, right in the middle of summer. The days are long and so very hot here in San Antonio. I am always on the lookout for a fun and easy indoor activity to escape the heat. Grab your Crayons and markers, and print out this fun, free summer coloring sheet! Don’t forget […]

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