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I Was Never a Girl Scout

A few hours left of an island vacation, I got one of those text messages that makes your heart beat faster and trumps five days of drinking rum punch. My mom wrote to let my sisters and I know that my dad was at the hospital getting a CT scan. He had slipped on the […]

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falling out of tree

When Your Mom Falls Out of a Tree (and Other Little Calamities You Probably Won’t See Coming)

“Hey, Mom’s fallen out of a tree and can’t move.” It wasn’t exactly the kind of text I was expecting to receive at 7:30 on a Thursday night…or any other night, for that matter. “Are you kidding? What do you mean she can’t move?” was my bewildered response. Holy moly, what now? This wasn’t how […]

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Skype Ideas

Skype-tivities: 20 Fresh FaceTime Ideas to Keep Long-Distance Families in Touch

Whether you are trying to maintain relationships with long-distance grandparents, create connection among faraway cousins, or bond with your own children during work-related travel, there’s no dispute that technology is on our side to make it happen. However, if your kids are anything like mine, the usual questions get old quickly and the webcam we […]

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Confessions of a Bad Daughter: I Argued With My Mother About My Child

I have a confession: My relationship with my mother is not all sunshine and roses. Shocking, right? Family relationships can be challenging. Adding children to the mix may complicate it even more. Many of us have parents of our own that are involved in our lives in some capacity. They may be regular visitors to your […]

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Gifting Memories This Holiday Season

Gifting Memories This Holiday Season

As I build my Christmas list and work to check things off, a thought keeps coming to mind: “These are just things.” While I know my little has a long list of things he’d love to see appear under the tree, I’m not looking to check off items on that list. My heart wants to […]

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Revelations from a Near-Drowning

Mild temperatures on fall days help make San Antonio a wonderful place to live, days with temperatures near 80 degrees in October. Five months ago, we were surrounded by family visiting from out of town, on one such weather-is-mega-cooperating day. Our family rented a house large enough for everyone to stay together, and on this […]

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5 Tips for a Sensory Friendly Holiday Season

The holidays are here!  You’re ordering pumpkin spice everything and those cinnamon-y pine cones are popping up everywhere!  (Yes, cinnamon-y is a word.)  I savor every single *drop* of Christmas, because before you know it, the holidays are over, and all I’m left with is a stuffed recycling bin and a muffin top.  (Who am I […]

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