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An Ode to My Crappy First Car

A five-speed hatchback, you came home from an auction with my frugal father. My sister snubbed her nose at you, but to my 15-year-old self, you looked like freedom. You gave me time to see how patient my father was. I had to learn how to drive you out on empty dirt roads because I […]

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Our unwanted resident just prior to our relocation services.

Serenading a Skunk

This post was collaboratively written with my husband, Ron Soos. I promised I’d give credit. If you have lived in South Texas long, you’ve likely encountered them: furry, black and white, kinda cute, nocturnal, and threatening of a terrible, terrible smell. Despite the fact that a skunk’s scent is literally designed by God to be […]

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Dear Brittany at Register Six

Last summer, in the midst of the sweltering San Antonio heat, my family and I made the move down to Texas from Chicago. The stress of moving into a new home, registering at new schools, worrying about an approaching hurricane, and then dealing with a gas shortage, was enough to make me hide in my […]

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Pick Your Poison: Summer vs. School

I can’t decide if it was a million years ago or just a month ago that I was desperately calling for the start of summer. Overwhelmed with end-of-year assignments, finals, performances, and parties, I was ready to kick May to the curb. The idea of packing one more lunch made me apoplectic. Frantically loading up […]

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mom for all seasons

A Mom for All Seasons

The list of things I would tell my new mom self is about as long as my arm: Not all pacifiers are created equal…. Colic does not last forever…. Listen to your gut, not the outside noise… Let the baby fall asleep on you…. It’s OK to cry because you are past the point of […]

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one cup two cup

One Cup, Two Cup

Every day is a cup party at my house. I have six children in the summer, and they use, on average, 37 cups a day. Each. It’s like Oprah shows up every morning shouting, “You get a cup! You get a cup! Aaaaaaand you get a cup! Everybody gets a cup! All the cups!” I’m […]

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Cherry Cheesecake (1 of 2)

Cheesecake and Chaos

There is a certain smell to summer that carries youthful nostalgia tied to adventure, good food, and friends. And when the wind is perfect, a jumble of happy and hilarious memories come back in an exhilarating rush, usually with a craving attached. Right up there with root beer popsicles and Snoopy snowcones, my childhood summertimes […]

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Stripes for Life

You know those conversations that feel normal until you have a moment to reflect on what was said? I’m still thinking about one I had recently. I was having dinner with a friend after work and the subject turned to spring and clothing. Me: “I need to go shopping.” Friend: “Fewer stripes. You look like […]

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