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mental load of motherhood

The Mental Load of Motherhood

As most primary caregivers know, providing quality emotional support for kids is exhausting. We are tasked with teaching these future adults how to be productive members of humanity (aka: how NOT to be a-holes). It’s constant: “I see you’re upset that your sister chooses not to share right now. Instead of hitting her and screaming […]

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Season of Broken Toys

The Season of Broken Toys and Super Glue

Whenever I share my grievances concerning motherhood I always get “oh, it’s just a season.” There is the teething season, which seems to last forever. There is the diaper season, which actually does last forever if you have back-to-back-to-back-to-back babies. There is the toddler tantrum season, which comes and goes. We have experienced a crying […]

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sorority life motherhood

How Sorority Life Prepared Me for Motherhood

I had the joy of celebrating my “30-something” birthday a few weeks ago with an early morning sweat session, courtesy of a local indoor cycling studio. Not only did I get my rear kicked by an awesome instructor, but I got to pick every song that we rode to. Every. Single. One. That meant the […]

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teach boys cry

I Teach My Boys to Cry

This is a cruel world, no doubt about it. Arguably one of the more difficult times to raise children. Instead of sugar-coating, we tend to grab for the armor. Protect them. Shield them. Teach them how to defend themselves. The armor comes in various shades and sizes: confidence, karate lessons, lessons in an eye for […]

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Will There Be Carbs in Heaven?

If you are under 40 years old, you might avoid reading this post for your own sanity. Those of us who have reached our fifth decade have a few secrets about what happens as you age—and it’s not pleasant. For me, 42 was the magic number. Forty-two, after my twins were born, was the year […]

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A Mantra for 2018: Let it Be

I have learned that I am not the type of person who is motivated by resolutions. If I wanted to make changes in my life, I could very well have started back in October. As my husband once told me with brutal honesty, I am not very “internally motivated,” so I generally need someone else […]

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Acorn Slider

ACMB Cares: Five Reasons I Fell in Love with The Acorn: A School for Young Children

Throughout 2018, Alamo City Moms Blog will be spotlighting one local nonprofit each month as part of its ACMB Cares campaign. Our goal is to familiarize readers with nonprofit organizations that are making an impact in San Antonio through their connection with moms and/or children. This month, we are featuring The Acorn: A School for […]

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Resolution Overhaul

Overhaul Your Resolutions

If you are like a lot of people (nearly half of Americans), you probably made some resolutions last week. Maybe they are official goals or perhaps just general intentions for the coming year, but either way, chances are good that you have put some thought into the ways you would like this new year to […]

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