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Teaching Our Kids to Give Back During the Holidays

If your children are anything like mine, they begin compiling their holiday wish lists around (if not before) October. “Ooooh, I want that!” my preschooler shrieks, her eyes feasting upon a commercial featuring eight-year-olds and glitter body art. (Um, no.) “Mama, can I get that for Christmas? Pllleeease?” Ah, yes…to a child, what else are […]

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All Done

Turkey Counting Puzzle: If I Could Make This, So Can You

So there I was, feeling inadequate as a meal planner, home decorator, and human being.  You know: Pinterest.  Just before I succumbed to the particular form of despair that overtakes those who know only two ways to tie a scarf, I stumbled upon an adorable–and seemingly doable–felt Christmas tree activity.  It’s too early in the year […]

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