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There’s an App for That (and that, and that…)

“I don’t WANT Playdough;” “I don’t WANT breakfast,” my three-year-old asserts, using every cell in her body to stand her ground. The waitress, distracted with other customers, misses our ‘We’re ready to order’ eye contact, and Ilana kneels and curves her body back to ooze under the table, her familiar escape route to run rampant […]

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Five Great San Antonio Parks that Don’t Rhyme with “Shmardberger”

Hardberger:  it’s the crown jewel of the San Antonio park system.  So much to do!  Such natural beauty!  If San Antonio were a high school, Hardberger would be the Captain of the Cheerleading Team, Student Council President, and Homecoming Queen all rolled into one.  Well, you know what?  A lot of girls go to this […]

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