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9 Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

Alamo City Moms Blog is partnering with Clinical Trials of Texas to bring this important information about postpartum depression and a unique opportunity to our ACMB readers. This is a sponsored post.   While as much as 80% of women may experience “baby blues” in the days or weeks after the birth of a child, […]

Parenting with Intention

Sometimes the weight of my children’s future paralyzes me. Hundreds of questions swirl around in my head making it difficult to remain calm: Who will they become? Will they thrive without us around? How do I make sure they’re both good human beings? Have I missed any signs of hidden trauma? Soon, the questions shift […]

ACMB Cares: Project Brave

Throughout 2018, Alamo City Moms Blog will be spotlighting one local nonprofit each month as part of its ACMB Cares campaign. Our goal is to familiarize readers with nonprofit organizations that are making an impact in San Antonio through their connection with moms and/or children. This month, we are featuring Project Brave. For more information […]

Eight Family-Friendly Things to Do in San Antonio This Fall

Ahhh, fall has arrived. Who am I kidding? I’ll be in shorts till November. But alas, there are pumpkin patches to visit, hayrides to enjoy, and pumpkin spice/maple bacon everything to savor. Here are eight family-friendly fall happenings in San Antonio to help you make the most out of this autumn: Fall is a great […]

Serenading a Skunk

This post was collaboratively written with my husband, Ron Soos. I promised I’d give credit. If you have lived in South Texas long, you’ve likely encountered them: furry, black and white, kinda cute, nocturnal, and threatening of a terrible, terrible smell. Despite the fact that a skunk’s scent is literally designed by God to be […]

How My Child with Hearing Loss Taught Me to Listen

Silence was all around me as I swayed in the rocking chair with my sleeping four-month-old son. Fancy electrodes covered his tiny forehead, and squishy ear buds lay in his baby ears. Silence mixed with the hushed voices of pediatric audiologists and the faint tones coming from the ear buds. My son didn’t move a […]


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