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Sorry, Kids—Just Tell Your Therapist One Day

Every morning is a new day in a mom’s world. The wrongs of the prior day are always washed anew with the breaking of the dawn (and sometimes pre-dawn, for those of us with littles). And every night, we mamas go to sleep thinking about what went on throughout the day and what we could […]

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I Am a San Antonio Mom: Esther Pipoly

The Alamo City is lovingly referred to by many as a big city with a small-town feel, and having the opportunity to chat with born-and-raised San Antonian Esther Pipoly, founder of LOLA: Loss Of Life Advocates, really brought home that message of connection for me. Following the loss of her husband of more than 20 […]

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Property Tax Tips from a Pro

Property Tax Tips from a Pro

The time has come once again for everyone in the great state of Texas to collectively sigh and say, “I have to pay how much for my property taxes?” We are subject to paying property taxes on our homes each year, but Texans do not pay any state income tax, so while we tend to […]

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I Accidentally Got My Five-Year-Old Into Debt

We all make mistakes. Some we have a bad gut feeling about from the very beginning; others just seem really adorable starting out.    August 28, 2013: I’m at the library with my adorable and highly opinionated 11-month-old. We come here often for toddler time and the opportunity to make messes outside of our own […]

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Moms Support Local Nonprofits for the Big Give San Antonio

Every year, the Big Give San Antonio rallies community members to support local nonprofit organizations. For 24 hours—from midnight on Thursday, March 22 to midnight on Friday, March 23, 2018—organizers will track online donations and report on which nonprofits are raising the most money. For more information about how that works, check the FAQ. Many organizations hold events […]

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The Lucky Few: On March 21st, We Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

Today, March 21st, we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day! All over the world, those with and without an extra chromosome rejoice the presence of those individuals with three copies of the 21st chromosome. There are parades in the streets and high fives a plenty. Pregnant women wait anxiously for their chromosomal blood test results, grasping […]

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Be Dramatic! Introducing Kids to Theater

We moms aren’t usually looking to add more drama to our lives, but comedy and music? Yes, please! So why not add some theater to your activity list? Yes, I’m talking taking kids to a theater that doesn’t include a cartoon running on a big movie screen. I hear you: kids are too noisy; they […]

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Raising Readers

My children are pod people. Do I date myself when I use that reference? Body Snatchers was a really bad movie released in 1993. It’s the third remake based on a book called The Body Snatchers, written in 1955. Basically, it’s about an alien race that aims to take over our planet by creating exact replicas of us, except […]

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When Seasons End

We had 11 years. It was a good run. Really good. Eleven years of putting out cookies, writing letters, standing in line for photos and staying up late in order to set out the special gifts as a surprise. But this past Christmas was our last one where Santa Claus was still a thing. Earlier […]

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Toy Box

If This Toy Box Could Talk

I am always looking for ways to create more usable space throughout my house. Even though we have ample storage and closet space, I constantly aim to make the most of certain spots, especially the kids’ rooms. My most recent purge/reorganization episode arose when we transitioned our three-year-old from a toddler bed to a full […]

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