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Give Me Five More Minutes

“Give me five more minutes,” I yelled. I felt exhausted from all the packing we had done and was ready to get on the road. My bestie was helping me move six hours north for grad school and was hurrying me along. I, however, was upstairs waiting for the last song to upload to my […]

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A Scavenger Hunt Tween Party

This might just be the easiest party we’ve ever hosted. My son turned 12 earlier this year, and crummy weather foiled our original plans for his birthday party. In a semi-frantic state we brainstormed ideas for Plan B. There were some really desperate choices in there, but I’m telling you about Plan B because, honestly, […]

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Stripes for Life

You know those conversations that feel normal until you have a moment to reflect on what was said? I’m still thinking about one I had recently. I was having dinner with a friend after work and the subject turned to spring and clothing. Me: “I need to go shopping.” Friend: “Fewer stripes. You look like […]

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