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San Antonio Scoop: A Guide to Events in October

October has plenty going on, thanks to seasonal festivities and holidays like Hispanic Heritage Month and Halloween. But this month we can also look forward to the grand opening of the new expansion at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. As cooler temperatures roll in, so do the fall festivals! Be sure to check out our [...]
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story of love

That’s the Story of Love

In motherhood, we don’t get many quiet moments. I’m beginning to think that’s by design. The incessant busyness keeps us distracted from the unavoidable truth about our children that hides from us in plain sight: year by year, week by week, minute by minute, they are slowly slipping away from us as they march on toward […]

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New and exciting things coming to San Antonio in 2017 and beyond | Alamo City Moms Blog

New and Exciting Things Coming to San Antonio in 2017 and Beyond

We already love San Antonio, and it seems like it’s getting better all the time. To share our excitement, here is a list of shops, restaurants, attractions, and more that are coming to San Antonio in 2017 and beyond. Retail Bookshelves, bedrooms, toys, meatballs…what has inspired you to drive a hundred miles to Round Rock, […]

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Should your child have a cell phone?

My kids love electronic devices. With Daddy being a software developer, our house has seen its share of devices, from iPhones to iPads to Macbooks, AppleTVs to digital cameras, scanners, printers, Wii game consoles—you name it. All three of my kids are very comfortable and proficient at using electronics, and yet, none of them has […]

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#sorrynotsorry: Being Okay With Moving On

This recent back-to-school season was an important one for me. My youngest child headed off to a full-day, five-day-a-week preschool program, leaving me and my stay-at-home lifestyle to figure out what comes next. For the past five years, more or less, I always had someone near by, and usually that someone needed things. And then, […]

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"Meet Me at Clarity": Children's Mental Health at Clarity Child Guidance Center - children's mental health care in San Antonio | Alamo City Moms Blog

“Meet Me at Clarity”: Children’s Mental Health at Clarity Child Guidance Center

When children in San Antonio experience a mental health crisis, where do they go? Every year, thousands of children find help at Clarity Child Guidance Center, a facility that serves children ages 3–17 with inpatient and outpatient mental health services. I recommend that you, too, take an hour on a Friday morning to attend a “Meet […]

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introverted child

Loving Your Introverted Child

I knew before going to our friends’ birthday party that one of my children was going to have the time of her life and one of my children was going to be a bit overwhelmed. And sure enough, my daughter dove right into the water slide, chatted up total strangers, and put herself in line […]

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