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Confessions of a Bad Daughter: I Argued With My Mother About My Child

I have a confession: My relationship with my mother is not all sunshine and roses. Shocking, right? Family relationships can be challenging. Adding children to the mix may complicate it even more. Many of us have parents of our own that are involved in our lives in some capacity. They may be regular visitors to your […]

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domestic violence

Domestic Violence: No Boundaries

Like freckles, left-handedness, and curly hair, domestic violence knows no boundaries. It thrives in affluent homes, comfortable suburban cul-de-sacs, rural midwestern farms, high-rise apartments, and auspicious public housing. Every day, women of all ages, races, and social status are pummeled with words and fists and held captive with invisible shackles. Domestic violence afflicts working women, […]

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The Myth of (1)

The Myth of Perfection

My whole life I have striven to be perfect. To always get a perfect score on that science test in grade school. To have perfect attendance. To be on the Honor Roll. To avoid a single hair falling out of place in my ponytail. To have perfect handwriting—sometimes even if it required starting over. More […]

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