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pack bags mom

Pack Your Bags, Mom!

We all know that traveling with our children can be difficult. I consider myself a somewhat seasoned traveler with children, and the idea still can make me quake. There are many stages of travel, and they all have their own levels of hell. But my advice? Do it anyway!  The newborn stage requires you to pack […]

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Roswell Aliens

What You Really Did This Summer

The summer is wrapping up and with that comes a natural shift of gaze from one set of to-dos to another. If you’re like me, you’ve already started a back-to-school shopping list, outlined your morning routine, and purchased stickers for the new and improved chore chart that will revolutionize your children’s work ethics, and so […]

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flying with kids through the ages

Flying with Kids Through the Ages

One of the (very, very) few benefits of having a traveling spouse is the ability to take advantage of the frequent flier miles that he accrues through the years. My family has done our fair share of flying on those miles. Our first flight was when my oldest was eight weeks old, and since then, […]

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